3 Essential Skincare Tips All Men Should Follow

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    3 Essential Skincare Tips All Men Should Follow

    Skincare for Men_MainMany skin products are specifically targeted at women, but let’s not forget about those guys who want to take care of their skin too. The difference between men and women when it comes to skincare is that ladies usually like products that are luxurious, that make them feel pampered and of course ones that smell good too! We also won’t object to an hour long facial or an organic mud mask even if it has to stay on our faces for up to 30 minutes.

    However, men usually prefer a fuss-free skin care routine that is quick, simple and easy, but will leave them with positive results. Men also prefer scent-free or masculine-smelling products as well as matte formulas as shiny or glowing skin is usually a big no for most guys.

    Skincare for MenA Smooth Shave

    The one thing that men have to do on a daily basis and that us ladies need to be grateful we don’t have to do, is shave their face, or at least some guys do! The biggest problem that arises from this is that many men suffer from the dreaded shaving rash, which not only looks unsightly, but is painful too. The first step in ensuring a smooth shave is to use a proper facial cleanser with gentle exfoliating properties instead of just water. This will remove dirt and impurities and will create the perfect prep for a close shave. Another important aspect to the perfect shave is investing in a decent razor. If you are unsure which one is best try turning to barber store brands for the cream of the crop in shaving essentials. The Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser from LaMav is ideal as a cleanser as it contains sugar cane, ginseng and papaya extract to effectively exfoliate the skin, without being too harsh. It also has a delicious masculine orange-scent that is sure to please every man.

    Ditch the Dark Circles

    Most of us ladies include concealer in our everyday make-up routine to cover dark circles and any other marks or spots we want concealed. Dark circles is something that most of us suffer from, including men, but unfortunately for guys, it’s harder to wear concealer as many guys won’t be caught dead with make-up on their faces. Luckily there are some fantastic eye-creams available to fade those dark circles and reduce puffiness. The Anti-Dark Circle and Ultra-Firm Eye Gel from LaMav promises fantastic results as it is formulated with hyaluronic and Vitamin C, 2 ingredients that have been proven to reduce dark circles and puffiness with daily use.

    Don’t Forget to Moisturize

    Men should never forget to moisturize as this is the most important step in protecting skin against the elements, ensuring a skin that will not age quickly. The Hyaluronan Daily Moisture Crème from LaMav will maintain moisture levels with its extracts of Argan Oil and Hyaluronic acid, as well as soothe your skin after your daily shave due to the soothing powers of Aloe-Vera Leaf juice and Acai Pulp Oil.

    Want me to make it even easier?  Grab our Complete Skin Care Collection for Men and you’re done!

    Guys, what is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to skin care? Which products are you currently using? Have you thought about trying an organic brand like LaMav?

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  • To be honest my husband does not really have a skin care regime, so thanks for your blog, will have to get him to read it and maybe convert him. Biggest Pet Peeve about skin care would have to be how expensive it is, and what the product actually promises does not deliver with the results. I have never thought about trying La Mav as only recently discovered you and have Avon products that I have been using.

    • Hello Cathy, a vast majority of skin care products contain harmful ingredients. According to the Australian Organic Fair Trade, people expose themselves to over 200 chemicals linked to cancer or other harmful diseases every day by not using organic and toxic free personal care products. You won’t find any of those chemicals in any of our products. We also have info about our clinical proof of efficacy on our “Results” page! :) Thank you for your interest!

  • This is good to know, as this will make it easier to gift shop for the guys in my life!

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