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Bettina Banks for La Mav

Bettina Banks: Model

"Everyone's been asking, so here is my secret: La Mav!"



Madeline Burke for La Mav

Madeline Burke: Beauty Blogger & Author

"La Mav is on my favorites list, and I love the natural scent!"


 Jessica Ainscough for La Mav

Jessica Ainscough: Wellness Coach 

"La Mav is one of my top picks!  They're Australia’s first certified organic, 100% naturally derived, anti-ageing skin care range. Certified cruelty-free and guaranteed to be free from harsh petrochemicals, sulphates, GMOs, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates and artificial colours or fragrances."


 Lolande Skinner for La Mav  

 Iolande Skinner: TV Personality

"I love your products and highly recommend them, especially for women wanting to switch to safer alternatives to traditional skin care and makeup.  I’ve been telling everyone about La Mav!"


 Anthony Adams for La Mav

Anthony Adams: Celebrity Makeup Artist

"La Mav…is a healthy and beautiful choice - we love La Mav!"






Testimonials Received via Email

 I came across La Mav at my local pharmacy about a year ago. I’m a bit of a beauty addict and always like to try new things. Usually I’m a bit skeptical about organic/natural based products as they never seemed to deliver noticeable results but La Mav completely changed that for me, I am now totally hooked, I use the range religiously and recommend La Mav to everyone. I’ve experienced such an incredible difference to my skin, it’s healthy, glowing radiant and I get so many compliments. The products give amazing, truly noticeable results and are cruelty free, organic, all natural, clinically proven and what’s even better they are Australian! The ethical values are outstanding, the company is based on honesty and integrity which is so rare in a cosmetics company. This is a range that can benefit all skins, all ages and all skin concerns. I’ve found my perfect product match in La Mav and I’m sticking to it!

Laura, 36 (Combination skin), Perth Australia

 I am very happy with all my La Mav products. I recently purchased the whole range of sensitive skin, skincare and I am loving how soft and smooth my skin feels. I was looking for vegan friendly and natural skincare and am so happy I have finally found La Mav. Also loved how beautifully packaged the products are and the pump action bottles are great. Will definitely continue to buy La Mav products. Berry lipgloss is also a winner!

Kylie, 42. Perth, Australia

I just want to say that in the past 2 years of using La Mav, I have seen my skin go from congested with mild acne to clear skin with little to no problems. And for the first time ever I have no irritation to any of the La Mav products tried. And I’m even more excited now to see the new makeup range. I can’t wait to try my new BB crème and the other products! Thanks again for making many amazing products.

Danielle D., Australia

It makes me so mad that these companies fill personal products with hundreds of known toxins, and every time I read the ingredients on a La Mav product I feel better!  Thanks for providing such amazing products with unique, organic ingredients!

Jennifer M, Age 31, Combination Skin, Houston, Texas

Tarj, Thank you for developing this skincare range. I love it!

Having used La Mav Anti-Ageing range for a few months now, I can honestly say lines I was developing on my forehead, around my lips and my neck are noticeably reduced. My skin tone is much more even and I love that I now wear next to no make-up!

Besides that, I love that I’m doing the best thing I can for myself by putting nothing but certified organic goodness on my skin.

Thank you!

Joanna O, Sunshine Coast, Age 35, Combination Skin

I love the smell and feel of the products, they are not at all greasy which i thought they might be, having oils in and being all natural (that has been my past experience) a very expensive texture and quality. And little goes a long way!” am loving using La Mav. I wasn’t one to stick to a daily regime but now I am hooked as the products smell so good and my skin had definitely started to improve. It’s not dry and taught and I feel that some of my fine “laughter lines” have eased.

Jenny C, Sydney, Age 38, Normal Skin

Hi Tarj. You may remember when we first met that my psoriasis was extensive. It was quite by accident that I started to use the cream on the psoriasis. I can honestly say the psoriasis was raised, red and embarrassing and had been so for almost 25 years.

I started to use the face cream also on my neck and upper chest and I noticed that small spots of psoriasis on my neck, chest and shoulders started to disappear! So I also tried it on the back of my hands. The redness disappeared in about a week and the skin stopped building up, so I then started on the arms and I now have just a few spots of psoriasis on my arms. It has been clear to people who know me that something is working and I have now started to get out in the sun again! I only had to use a very small dab to do the back of both hands and my arms. So a little goes a long way.

I also wanted to comment on the eye cream. I have a job that requires me to drive quite a bit so I cannot have my eyes sore or watering when driving or meeting clients.

Your eye cream has caused no irritation, I can put it completely over the top and the bottom of the eye with out my eyes watering and makeup can be applied directly over the top with no smudging.

Thank you for your developing this range and allowing me to test it!

Hazel C, Sydney, Age 53, Normal Skin

I am loving using La Mav. I wasn’t one to stick to a daily regime but now I am hooked as the products smell so good and my skin had definitely started to improve. It’s not dry and taught and I feel that some of my fine “laughter lines” have eased.

Jenny C, Sydney, Age 38, Normal Skin

This year is about family, health, connecting with our true selves and being a divine light. Your products are in alignment with living true to self so having a giveaway for the new year is a great idea! I wish one and all peace and joy and I wish you well as La Mav is a beautifying and caring company.

Claudia L, Perth

 Several days ago a sales assistant in a shop I go to regularly paid me a compliment that made my day. She said I was glowing, my skin looked so clear and healthy and whatever I was using, she wanted to use too! Three weeks prior I started using La Mav’s BB Cream and Mineral foundation. I had become so frustrated trying to find makeup that was ethical, reasonably priced, and didn’t make my kids say “you look weird”. After applying the BB cream and lightly dusting over the mineral makeup, my skin is now no longer dry, pasty and pale looking. It is plump, has good colour and like the assistant said, it glows. Thank you for creating such lovely products that are ethical too.

Kristi, 36, Combination Skin.  WA, Australia

Being 22, my skin has been all over the place. It really has a mind of its own. Depending on its mood, it can be oily, dry, patchy, open pores and not to mention the fact that its acne prone. I heard about La Mav through a work colleague and having never used an organic skin care product, I was somewhat skeptical about the results. Initially my skin broke out and I was hesitant to continue use, however I stuck in there and the breakout subsided.

I’ve been using the products for about a month now and I have to admit my skin feels as if it is breathing for the first time. It actually feels healthy, the same way your body feels after a hard slog at the gym and a bowl of fruit. It is such a invigorating, unique feeling and I love it! I’m now spending less time on skin maintenance and I never thought that would happen!

Pip K, Sydney, Age 22, Combination Skin

Hi Tarj. First of all thanks for the opportunity to try these products first hand.

Yes, I just want to say that I am in absolute love with La Mav range. I have very sensitive skin with pigmentation and have always been very cautious about what to use and what not to. A mum of 3 and a very busy Gynaecologist I have been looking for something that will not cause any flair ups or worsen the pigmentation. Canberra’s weather is also very dry so I needed something that would not strip my skin’s oil and something that could provide moisturisation for the whole day.

Since I started using La Mav products I have found a real difference in my skin. My family and colleagues alike have noticed a glow and clarity on my face. The pigmentation on the forehead has disappeared completely!

There is a feeling of wellbeing as it doesn’t seem to strip the skin of its own essential oils and pH of the skin is balanced.

I look forward to taking the day off with La Mav Soothing Cream Cleanser and Toner (love the smell of toner). I have been using Moisturiser during the day and Night Cream at night and noticed a difference in depth of my smile line. Needless to say that skin has become soooo soft and supple.

I must say that my favourite is Anti-oxidant booster – just love it.

The authentication from certification authority also assures that the products I am applying do not contain any pesticide or chemical residues. Thank you and good luck!

Simmer G, Canberra, Age 39, Sensitive Skin

The first week to 10 days I had a “face detox” and I broke out in big blemishes, but had kind of expected it being new to using an organic skincare range….and now its almost TOTALLY clear of blemishes and lightening in the pigmentation, after 2 weeks! I love the smell and feel of the products, they are not at all greasy which I thought they might be, having oils in and being all natural (that has been my past experience) a very expensive texture and quality. And little goes a long way!

Mel M, Sydney, Age 35, Combination Skin

I just wanted to let you know that my local organic store in Singleton recommended your products to me knowing that I have struggled with extremely sensitive skin for more than 10 years now. Amy recommended your day moisturiser to me and said to give it a go and let her know how I went. Well with my skin, reactions are usually within minutes with conventional products and within 24 hours for the organic/natural products. I waited 24 hours with yours and could not believe there was no reaction. Thinking it might need another day of use to bring on a reaction I decided to slather the stuff on to see what would happen. Nothing. Not only did my skin improve in texture and plumpness over the next few days it also did’nt do it’s usual angry burn afterwards. I let Amy know. After seeing me try all sorts of things over the years she offered a three pack of your skincare: cleanser, toner and nightime moisturiser. After using all four products for six months my skin now looks and feels fantastic. Thank you LaMav!

Jenny Cole, Age 30, Ultra Sensitive Skin

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